Monday, June 8, 2009

0.07 Finale!!!!!

I plan to make some more James Bonk stuff after The Feline 3.

P.S. I think that we (the Life in Brickville team) should come up with some sort of a posting schedule, so that we don't slack off and eventually abandon the blog. I was thinking, like, at least one or two blog posts every week, and maybe we could rotate which team members post them. What d'you guys think?


Anonymous said...

That was a Cool movie! where exactly do you find these movies?

Jared -or- A Kitten said...

I made 'em. Here is my YouTube channel:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll check them out


Hudhornet said...

Sorry I didn't comment about this sooner. Yes good idea, we should have a schedule for posting, might I suggest everyone gets one day a week.


Jared -or- A Kitten said...

god idea