Saturday, May 23, 2009

Brickville's New Movie Theater

-BRICKVILLE, LEGUMBRIA: Daily BrickPaper reporter Shawn Square here, with the details on Brickville's new movie theater, Brickville Cinema! The Grand Opening was held this morning at 8:00 AM. The only movies sceduled so far are James Bonk: 0.07 and The Feline, two ongoing series produced by BrikBand Studios. However, Brickville Cinema's manager Peter P. Plastic says he is "open to anyone who wants to display their movies here, provided they are citizens of Brickville."

Although the theater is open to the public, the first movie showing won't be until Monday, with the premier of 0.07: Al Ferra Episode 4.

Brickville residents who haven't seen the previous 0.07 episodes are free to check out the Cinema's special retail DVD store. Movies are sorted by producer, the only one so far being Brickband Studios (check out their selection here). Again, Peter P. Plastic says he is glad to accept any Brickville citizens who want to sell their movies in the store.

Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed at the Grand Opening, due to Peter P. Plastic's severe alergic reactions to camera lenses. I'll just have to sneak in with my camera while he's on vacation >:D

-Shawn Square

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Nathanael said...

HAHA! I think that you would be it North brick because you live in CA